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Reading: Identity in Gaelic Drama 1900-1949


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Identity in Gaelic Drama 1900-1949


Susan Ross

University of Glasgow
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Michelle Macleod and Moray Watson have described drama and prose fiction as being ‘in the shadow of the bard’ in terms of their place in the canon of Gaelic literature. (2007) Analysis and review of the extant drama materials show, however, that the Gaelic playwright Tormod Calum Dòmhnallach (Norman Malcolm MacDonald),1 was right in saying in 1986 that ‘Gaelic theatre […] has been in existence for longer than many of us suspect’. (MacDonald 1986: 147) It is believed that the first Gaelic play (fully in Gaelic, rather than bilingual English with Gaelic) was performed by the Edinburgh University Celtic Society in 1902 although it is no longer known which play or sketch was performed. (Macleod and Watson 2007: 280) In the first decade of the twentieth century, Còisir Chiùil Lunnainn (London Musical Choir) also performed plays at their annual concert in London.

How to Cite: Ross, S., 2016. Identity in Gaelic Drama 1900-1949. International Journal of Scottish Theatre and Screen, 9, pp.39–60.
Published on 01 Dec 2016.
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